Oh No She Didn’t

This page is dedicated to the process any artist goes through, the rejection letter. The general public has no idea what artists and writers go through, I hope this page will shine a light on the fact that, for every 100 submissions maybe, just maybe there is an acceptance letter or maybe just maybe a short list.

September 5th 2018 ….. I’ll keep trying.

Dear Shereen Ramprashad,

Thank you poet. We’re honored that you chose to share your work with us, but unfortunately, your poetry is not for us at this time.

We sincerely appreciate your effort and care with this submission, and we hope you continue to lift up our poetry community with your voice.

Best of luck with this & all your future work.


This is one of many rejection letter I have received, this one is very gentle and encouraging.

Gentle words
Click to read Be Gentle with me

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