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April 13 2019

My Life Is A Conflict of Interests

Hell inside a blue box

March has been a very busy month with selling a couple of paintings, bookings for shows and recording my summer time noodles,  I Peace In My Garden. At the moment it seems my life has developed  a deep conflict within itself, my day job  a stark contrast from my real career within the arts. More often than not on my commute to my day job I experience friction and irritation deep within my being. I feel as though I’m wasting eight hours a day on meaningless labour to pay the bills. More often than not I grit my teeth against mind numbing boredom my mind growing dark and hostile against the annoying corporate shoes I have to wear during the day. More often that not I look around me and  witness the life being sucked out of my coworkers. At some point they go on autopilot and in a zombie like state watch the clock waiting until 4pm to bolt out the door as fast as their feet can take them. More and more I find I’m choking  the corporate culture and what seems like propaganda bullshit of team work and doing what’s best for the company, in my mind make the rich richer and to the hell with the people at the bottom of the food chain, enviormental and social accountablity.  With each passing day I’m losing a connection with my day job,  a growing  sense of  deep dissatisfaction with it, and with this sense of dissatisfaction, a strong force causing me to  look hard at my life at my day job.  Spending forty hours a week bored out of my mind, frustrated and  feeling no connection with the life and culture around me.  I question,  the value of regular pay cheque and a false sense of securty, against the internal screaming that goes on nonstop while I grind away the seconds, minutes, hours, days and years at my day job.

When I walk through the employee entrance every morning, every day, minute by minute, all the fibers of my soul, body and spirit are screaming at me to get the hell out, walk away and never, ever look back. I know exactly where I want to go in life and I know its going to take a shit load of courage, strength and stamina to get there. Ignore the nay sayers and say “fuck it, it’s time to go, I’m outta here, I’m done the deep spiritual deficiet I’ve been running for most of my life.”

Until then, I’ll keep a look out for that elusive path I get a  glimpse of  and try to get a firm grip and foot hold on it.








APRIL 24, 2019 at Taylor Law Office in Winnipeg MB
5pm to 7pm
Spoken Word performance “I Am Not A Victim”
W.I.S.E Fundraiser.